Adirondacks Chateaugay Lake Duck Island Bay 6 July 2016

Welcome to the My Portfolio section of my website.

I make lots of images, and include nearly all of them on my website.  It makes for a long afternoon perusing them all. Prints or digital downloads are available for all these images at extremely reasonable prices.

Now, here is an area that features those of my images that I consider to be my best. Many of these have been posted in low resolution on Facebook. Those that have been well received by the public are alongside of others that are my favorites.

The galleries feature fewer images each; a smaller, more focused selection that is easier to navigate and absorb.

To buy a copy of any of my images, click on the image that interests you and choose the BUY button to see what is available and the prices. I offer paper prints and digital downloads.

If buying paper prints, as you choose paper sizes the site will show you how much of the paper will be used by the actual image. My images , over the years, have started out on all sizes ranging from 35mm to 4X5 film featured in my area "Classic Images', to 1/1.7 through APS-C sensors of my recent images. The size of the original may affect sharpness at larger sizes. Just about everything will work fine up to 20X30 inches.  if you want something larger, email me at before you buy.

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